Speaking Topics for Women's Bible Studies, Retreats and Churches

Please note: If any of the following subjects are of interest to your Church, ministry, or group, but the financial side is difficult for you, please contact Linda anyway. She is passionate about building up and encouraging women, and is willing to work with you regarding your financial situation.

Women's Retreat Seminars (Weekend)

The seminars are specifically to encourage women to use all the experiences God has given them to reach out and come alongside others, and get them to 'plug in' and use the many programs/ministries/Bible studies, that your Church has to offer.  The basic outlines are as follows:

Finding God
From hurting to wholeness
What now, Lord?
Forgiveness and healing
Mini  Seminar choices

Finding God

Seminar 1 (normally on Friday evening):

'Use me, Lord, use me' is a line in a song that began as a four line poem when Linda first became a Christian. It ended up with four verses, each verse written during a major new period of Spiritual growth over the next twelve years. Using it as the framework to her story, Linda takes you on a journey through her life; from her lifelong search for God, beginning as a child in Zimbabwe, in Africa, where she was born and raised; to being a new Christian in 1979, excited and 'on fire' for God; only to struggle with confusion and shame a ten years later because of her inability, as a Christian, to have victory over the debilitating depression that overwhelmed her.  However, it was in this 'pit of despair' that she learnt God was true to his promise 'never to leave nor forsake' her. This is an inspiring testimony that will encourage anyone who is struggling with anything, to seek God and pursue their healing.

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From Hurting to Wholeness

Seminar 2 (normally on Saturday morning):

This seminar concentrates on how God stopped Linda from taking her life and how, while in therapy, she began to fight back to health by holding on to God and His promises.  Linda outlines how God spoke to her clearly and powerfully through a verse she had read many times before, making her realize she had not fully surrendered her life into His hands and trusted him with her healing.  At that point she made a conscious decision to let go of her old coping skills, and reached out to him in prayer.  The doors he opened were miraculous, and led to her healing.

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Seminar 3 (normally on Saturday morning after the tea/coffee break):

'Into the Light' is an hour long film/documentary which includes dramatic footage of Africa, that will enable the viewer to understand why it was so difficult for Linda to settle in England (where she was living at the time of her breakdown), after being born and raised in Zimbabwe. It will also show an interview with Robin Royston, her therapist, confirming the profound difference he saw in Linda after Lu, a Christian woman with a ministry for inner healing, prayed with her. The documentary includes interviews with the friends who prayed for Linda, sent her cards, and left caring messages on her voice mail; all ordinary, everyday people who had no idea just how much their acts of kindness encouraged her during the dark days of her depression.  The central aim of this documentary is to encourage all those experiencing the despair of depression, or coping with difficult circumstances, not to give up.  It is also to encourage everyone who watches it to come alongside those they know are struggling.  Linda states, 'I want to encourage everyone who hears my story in any form that, when they feel an inner prompting to send a card, call someone, do something nice for someone, or give any form of encouragement God puts on their heart, to act on it! It may make the difference between giving up or going on for that person – as, on some days, it was for me all those years ago...'

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What Now, Lord?

Seminar 4 (normally on Sunday morning):

You want to help others and be used by God, but where do you start?  The Bible tells us that 'God comforts us in our troubles so we can comfort others with the comfort we received from God'.   In this seminar Linda explores the fact that God doesn't waste an experience, and it's often the very things that were so devastating in our own lives, that give us the wisdom and empathy to reach out to others and give them hope.  Through real examples, some heartrending and some hilarious, Linda will give you insight into some of the choices to be made as you come alongside people – as well as some of the 'do's' and 'don'ts'.

The series will end by encouraging women to grow Spiritually themselves, as well reaching out to help others, by using their Spiritual gifts and becoming involved in their Church groups. At this point, or possibly during lunch, Linda suggests that each of the women who head the different studies and groups within your Church give a brief (2-3 minute) overview of it.  If there are too many, your Director of Women's Ministries could give a quick overview, and let people know where they can obtain the information.

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Forgiveness and Healing

Additional Seminar Option:

Although my depression and breakdown was generally caused by the very fragmented and difficult life I had lived, the biggest thing I had to deal with during my therapy was the sexual abuse I suffered as a child at the hands of one of my mother's boyfriends. I only touch on this briefly in the above seminars.  However, just before I left England, a Christian videographer asked me if I would allow him to film my story. He was compiling a video library of stories about Christians who had either come through very difficult times, or were living with diseases like Multiple Sclerosis or cancer.  These videos explained how they coped in their trials, and were filmed to encourage others who may be coping with similar experiences.  I agreed, and the resulting video, 'Frozen Peas', includes footage of Robin Royston, the psychotherapist who worked with me for three years, and Lu, the gentle Christian woman with a ministry of inner healing who, along with two of my friends, took a day out of her life to come alongside me and pray for me.

During the free time on the Saturday afternoon, or in the evening, I could show the video, (it is 27 minutes long) and then be available for a question and answer session afterwards.  If this option is chosen would need a prayer team to be available after the question and answer session.

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There are two time choices for a Saturday 'Mini-Seminar':

Choice 1

Session 1:    Testimony
9:00am – 10:30am.  This is a 1 ½ hour overview of all the subjects Linda covers in the full Women's Retreat weekend seminars. 

Session 2:    Documentary
11:00am – 12:00pm.  The documentary, 'Into the Light', shown in Session 3 of the full seminar will be viewed, and Linda will end the Mini-seminar by encouraging women to grow Spiritually and become involved in their Church.

Choice 2

Session 1:    Testimony
10:00am – 11:30am.  This is a 1 ½ hour overview of all the subjects Linda covers in the full Women's Retreat weekend seminars.

11:30am – 1:00pm Lunch

Session 2:    Documentary
1:00pm – 2:30pm.  The documentary shown in Session 3 of the full seminar will be viewed, and Linda will end the Mini-seminar by encouraging women to grow Spiritually and become involved in their Church.

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