PLEASE NOTE: my book, ‘Out 0f the Dark’ was released in North America in December 2017, under the title ‘Touch the Moon and say Goodnight’. I want readers to know they are the same book, and the only changes are in the ‘Dedication’ page, and the ‘Epilogue’ section. These changes were made to reflect the fact that almost 15 years have passed since ‘Out of the Dark’ was published, and much has happened in those years.

You may have got my website address from my book 'Out of the Dark', in which case you’ll already know much of my story. If you haven’t read ‘Out of the Dark’, my  'Biography' page will give you a brief overview of my life and my faith, with side navigation bar selections that include a Question and Answer’ section.

The years since ‘Out of the Dark’ was published have been amazing, and I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of you at my speaking engagements. The volume of mail and e-mails I receive is unexpected and incredible, and I regret I’ve been unable to reply to everyone  in a timely manner. Thank you all so much for your letters, I’m working through replying to you all slowly but surely…

This site will always be a work in progress, simply because life itself is a work in progress, and I’m excited to tell you that my daughter, Christy, and I are developing a blog which will be available later this year. Knowing from experience how hard life can be, the purpose of our blog will be to encourage other women (and any men who’d like to read it!) to embrace life with all its ‘up’s and down’s’, stay strong, and never give up. As you respond to the posts, we’ll all be supporting each other on life’s rich ‘journey’.