About Linda

Linda Caine was born in Zimbabwe, Africa, and was raised in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Apart from a fifteen month period during which she and her father opened an African Art Gallery in Los Angeles, she lived in Africa until 1976, at which time she and her family immigrated to England. Linda, her husband, and two teenage children then immigrated to the United States in June 1992. The fact that her grandfather (who joined his pioneer brother in Zimbabwe - which was, at that time, Southern Rhodesia – in 1889) was American has made 'returning' to America to live very special to her, and she and her family are now happily settled in California.

As much of her life was spent in rather remote areas that did not have the benefit of Art Colleges, Linda turned to nature and books to teach herself drawing, painting, calligraphy and photography. Her love of art extends not only to the challenge of using different mediums, but also to different subjects, and her work ranges from delicate colored pencil drawings of glassware and reflections, to animals in oils and pastels, and flowers, birds and butterflies in watercolor.

As a Freelance Calligrapher and Artist, she has exhibited and sold her work privately and through galleries in England and America, and her calligraphy, drawings and paintings are hung in private collections in Zambia, Zimbabwe, England, The Isle of Man, France and America.

Having lived a very eventful and, at times, traumatic, life, Linda was asked to write her autobiography. Her book 'Out of the Dark', was co-written with her psychotherapist, Robin Royston. In April, 2003, 'Out of the Dark' was published and released by Transworld Publishers, a devision of Random House, in the English language in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It was also released in Germany, under the title 'Ich pfluck dir den Mond vom Grunde des Meeres' (Plucking the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea), in the Dutch language under the title 'Het Spoor van de Maan' (The Track of the Man), in Denmark, and in the Hebrew language, in Israel.

In December 2017, 'Out of the Dark' re-released in the United Kingdom and other Random House territories, and was published and released by Heritage Builders Publishers in North America, under the title 'Touch the Moon and Say Goodnight'.

John Furse, award winning Film and Television Director, Screenwriter and Producer, has written a screenplay for ‘Out of the Dark’. You may read more about this in the 'Film’ section.

Linda is also working on a documentary with Jeff Hall, who has won many awards for his Audio/Visual studio, Maximus Media. This documentary will primarily be to encourage those who are hurting, as well as those who are caring for them, never to give up. Update: sadly, Jeff died in 2017 before he was able to complete the documentary.

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