If you need help

The following support sites are available for anyone who feels they need to communicate with someone either by e-mail or by telephone. Befrienders and Suicide-Helplines both give information in many languages, with links to guide you to places you can get help in many countries.


The following sites have been highly recommended to me, for Christians who would like ministry from a specifically Christian standpoint. However, I would like to point out that both organizations also minister to those of all faiths, in the same compassionate and non-judgmental way as they would to Christians who are in need of help:


For those who would like to know more about depression and other forms of mental illness, the 'Mental Health' section of 'Diseases and Conditions' on the WebMD site (www.webmd.com) is very informative.

A great resource for those who have been hurt by any kind of abuse, with a forum similar to mine: http://www.havoca.org

An informational website to educate adults 'about the steps they can take to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse'. http://www.nationalchildrensalliance.org

A place to go for young people who are being abused, or have nowhere to go: https://www.covenanthouse.org