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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the very high volume of letters and e-mails that she receives, Linda is unable to reply individually to e-mails sent to her. She does, however, read and appreciate all her mail. Linda also checks the 'FORUM' section of her website regularly, and joins in whenever she is able to.


Because many people ask very similar questions, Linda is working on an 'Frequently Asked Questions' page that will be included in the 'Out of the Dark' section of her web site. If you have specific questions you would like answered, please write to Linda at the email address listed below, and state 'QUESTION' in the Subject of your e-mail, or enter it in the 'Questions for Linda' section of the Forum.

You can contact Linda by any of the following methods:




Linda Caine
4974 N. Fresno Street, Suite 105
Fresno, CA 93726