Forum Code of Conduct & Policies

This forum is a community of people who identify with each other through many similar experiences and interests, as wide ranging as art, horses, and mental health.

As my statement in the Forum Introduction says, this is not specifically a 'help' site (like 'The Samaritans'), but is intended to be a place where we can make friends and encourage each other in an atmosphere of unconditional love. It is my prayer that this section will generate a positive environment that will encourage us all to continue to seek our healing and wholeness, and enable us to free ourselves from the hurts of our past and move on.

When it comes to sensitive areas such as child sexual abuse, and self-harm, I would ask that no explicit details be put on the site. With the open nature of the Internet, and the fact that this forum will host many different threads, we need to remember that people of all ages will view it.

While people of all faiths are very welcome to write in, please bear in mind that I, and the moderators and administrators of this site, are Christians, and our faith that Jesus Christ is our healer will be evident as we interact with, and pray for, all those who write in.


Inappropriate content

  • Please do not use profanity
  • Moderators have full authority to use their discretion in determining appropriate content
  • Posting or providing advertising links, or links to obscene images is forbidden.  Anyone who does this will be banned immediately, and their details reported.



Moderators have absolute authority, and are granted unequivocal discretion at editing or striking any post for unsuitable language and otherwise objectionable content, or warning, restricting, and banning members as necessary.

Should a member be warned repeatedly of misconduct by any moderator, this will, regretfully, result in banishment from the forum

Should you feel you have been treated unfairly, please write directly to Linda at contact