Forum Introduction

I'm so glad my book has taken place in the Internet era, as I love the ability to be in contact with those who have read it.  I'm also very excited about the potential of the forum section to be a place where we can 'meet' and encourage each other.

As Robin so wisely knew, we each have our own path to walk, none of us are the same, and each of us need to work through our own issues. However, we've all had our ups and downs and will be able to identify with different people, and encourage them not to give up. As we do this, we must keep in mind that we are not the answer to each other's problems, and that the purpose of the forum is not to give or seek advice, but to encourage.

This forum is also not meant, in any way, to take the place of professional counseling.  Rather, it is a place to 'meet' with others who understand and can identify with the difficult issues that come up in life.

If you are struggling emotionally, I encourage you to view the "If you need help" section of the website. It has information about resources for those who need more than the basic encouragement I hope this forum provides, and resources for those who would like to understand more about different kinds of Mental Illness.

If you are not struggling emotionally, please don't think this precludes you from joining in! You're also very welcome! So please join me, and others, in my forum.