Into the Light

After 'Out of the Dark' was published, I received letters from people who had read it, as well as people who had watched the video 'Frozen Peas', asking me if I really was still well, or whether I'd suffered from depression again over the years.

I approached Jeff Hall, the owner of the audio visual studio, Maximus Media, in California, who is an award winning videographer, and asked if he would be able to add 5 minutes to the end of 'Frozen Peas', saying that I was still well, and that I had not suffered from depression again since 1992.  Jeff read 'Out of the Dark', and watched 'Frozen Peas' – and then said he felt that an addition of 5 minutes would not be enough.  He felt that there was much more to tell, and suggested that we collaborate on a documentary.  I was delighted because, over the years, I've been astounded to find that most of the wonderful people who rallied around me and encouraged me during my depression and breakdown, had no idea just how much their prayer and support meant to me.

Jeff accompanied me to England in July 2007, and interviewed the friends who encouraged me during my depression, as well as my therapist (and now good friend), Robin Royston, with whom I wrote 'Out of the Dark'.  I then flew on to Africa.  My brother, his wife, and I chartered a light aircraft to take us into the lower Zambezi Valley, where we spent 10 incredible days filming the animals and scenery unique to Africa, so that I could actually show viewers why it was so difficult for me to leave this beautiful continent.

'Into the Light' (the working title for the documentary) will be completed in Summer, 2009. (PLEASE NOTE: Due to Jeff's ill health, this project has, unfortunately, been put off indefinitely. My prayer is that the documentary will be completed one day, to encourage those who are struggling with depression, and those who are coming alongside them.)

I pray that my story will encourage those who are struggling in any way, not to give up, but to pursue healing and wholeness in every area of their lives.

I also want to encourage everyone who hears my story in any form; when you feel an inner prompting to send a card, call someone, do something nice for someone, or any form of encouragement that God puts on your heart – act on it!  It may make the difference between giving up or going on for that person – as, on some days, it was for me all those years ago...