Semi-originals on Layered Paper

With a 'Semi-original', prints are made of the English calligraphy and one of the layers. The final layers are then torn and painted, and the Chinese calligraphy painted on the added layer, before it is assembled and framed.

This is less time consuming than the original, which is reflected in the price.


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


Semi-originals Combined with Artwork

I love combining my painting with calligraphy, and this often results in semi-originals; I will either print the original and write the calligraphy on the matting board surrounding the print, or I print the original on watercolor paper or card, and write the calligraphy on the print. Examples can be seen with my paintings titled 'Consider the Lilies of the Field', and 'As the Deer Longs for the Water'.

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